Wade, Unabridged

wade, unabridged

My strength(s): coming to a city near you!

My strength(s): coming to a city near you!


I wanted to be a video reviewer for pizza rolls, but that didn’t pan out.


So here I am pursuing my backup career.


Currently a senior at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, I will graduate with a major in creative advertising and a minor in graphic design. I consider myself a jack-of-all creative hybrid, and welcome the industry stigma that comes with my refusal to identify with a solitary path. With regard to my design work, I am almost exclusively self-taught and currently balance a swath of clients with my school work.


Life hands me all the busyness I need. To combat this, I adhere to a minimalist work aesthetic whenever possible. I will try to avoid clichés here, suffice to say the more white space, the better. You know what, the space can be any color. What’s important is that there’s more of it. Here's my political agenda: #allspacematters. 


Taking a brief departure from the fun I do for work, I want to touch on the work I do for fun. When I’m not staring at my computer, I’m probably asleep. When I’m not staring at Illustrator or Photoshop or a blank notepad, I’m probably doing music or fashion. During time off, I can be caught daydreaming with the latest streetwear blogs open on my phone, or playing with music for my side gig as a DJ.

(side note: I’m still not sure if that is a pun or literal usage of the word gig). 


My hobbies, in large part, are a reason that I consider my current path of study and perspective career to be so personally fulfilling. I’m fortunate enough that these interests bleed into what I seek to do professionally, something I think too many people don’t get to say. This privilege that creativity bestows upon me is something I do not take lightly, and is precisely what drives my desire to create and share.