food for selfish thought

food for selfish thought:

biased observations that you may not agree with

the berliner & the new yorker


Cover artist for the New Yorker, the way Christoph Niemann sees things is admirable to say the least. You can see it in all his work, not just the magazine covers. His work frequently embodies that notion of “damn, why didn’t I think of that” time and time again. 

His style of thinking and creating, in conjunction with the beautifully derelict canvas that is the New Yorker’s cover are the pinnacle of my personal taste – in respect to magazine publications, at least. Sure, plenty of publications do a tasteful job of art directing the myriad of story headlines and quotations that plague their covers. However, the New Yorker makes it clear that this cover-page word vomit is not a necessary evil.

If you ask me, the words belong inside the cover. And if you can’t handle that, you should probably go back to scrolling through the news headlines on your phone.

Wade Burton