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lighter blue

McCann challenged its Humancare interns to take their enormously successful Facebook page—Lighter Blue (Trintellix, unbranded)—and grow it even more.

Their ask: Where should we take Lighter Blue's titular character, Blue, next?

Our answer: Into a new dimension. Literally.  

Step into Blue's shoes to tour around Blue's home and learn firsthand about depression and how it can affect the daily life of those who suffer from it.

Lighter Blue already dominates Facebook as the most-liked unbranded disease education page on the platform.

So, we decided to add another dimension to Blue and, moving beyond the Facebook page's tried-and-true comic panel format, pitched the idea of a real-life pop-up experience to teach the public about depression, hands-on. 

This is a video flythrough of my conceptual mockup for that pop-up experience.